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3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier this 2022

Changing your diet isn't as hard as you think. You can make small changes to your existing habits to help your body adapt to a new way of living. A small change can mean the difference between having one soda a day instead of two; or one slice of cake instead of three doughnuts.

When it comes to healthier eating, we all have different starting points. If you are looking to have a better diet this year, your starting point will be your habits from last year.

1. Switch the Ingredients

The easiest way to start on your “healthier eating” journey is to read food labels on the packaging. Instead of lowering quantities, look for low-calorie, low-fat, and reduced-sugar versions.

For example, if you are so used to having a milkshake with a sandwich for your afternoon snack, and you are not willing to reduce the quantity of your meal, then switch the full-dairy milk in the milkshake to almond milk. And instead of white bread, make the switch to wholegrain varieties to increase the amount of fiber in your diet.

2. Choose Healthier Options

If you believe that you can do more for yourself this year, then try the option of swapping. You may be surprised to see quicker results with this option. There is a growing number of good-tasting healthy foods available in supermarkets and specialty grocers nowadays.

Breakfast, for example. If you are used to eating regular, sugar-coated cereal that is promoted as “high-energy”, you can easily change it to a healthy organic granola bowl. Add sugar-free peanut butter, top it up with some bananas, and you got yourself a gut-friendly, high fiber breakfast which is a quick improvement from your standard breakfast cereal.

If you like eating fruit yogurt for breakfast, most available in the supermarket are full-fat. You can easily change it to a low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt version and add your own fresh or frozen fruit.

3. Lower Your Food Intake

If you are struggling to lose weight, one way to fix it is by lowering your calorie intake. If your lifestyle is not very active and you find yourself sitting for more than 10 hours a day, then definitely, you will not need the number of calories you are ingesting at the moment.

One quick way to lower your calorie count is by lowering the number of meals you have per day. If you are used to having five meals a day, cut it to four.

If you find that difficult, then try to make the serving size a little smaller. This can be done by changing the size of your plates or glasses. E.g. If you are so used to having your daily coffee inside a 350ml cup, switch your cup to a 250ml cup. This way, you will subconsciously believe that you still have the same amount of coffee for the day. If you still feel thirsty, then drink some water after you have finished your coffee.

These small changes will surely help you become a healthier version of yourself.

When you switch your favorite foods to a healthier option, you can reap the benefits of the new lifestyle with a simple change in your diet. Just remember that these easy suggestions are the basic strategies you can use to improve your health and it does not require massive changes.. but will definitely make you feel better about yourself!

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