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How to Lower Anxiety by Eating Healthy

Anxiety can become a hindrance in our lives, lowering our productivity and happiness – but worry not, as there are some healthy ways you can adapt to get rid of this problem. And it starts with bringing good changes to your lifestyle – getting the right ingredients into your breakfast, paying attention to the micronutrients you consume, and keeping your gut biota in its best condition – everything pays off!

1. Make Your Gut Biota Healthy

It is important you make your gut biota healthy by taking care of your probiotics and prebiotics intake. Probiotics are strains of bacteria that are found in your gut and are helpful for keeping your GI health on track. While your gut system naturally makes a good habitat for this bacteria, conditions like anxiety can negatively impact it. It is found that when your gut gets devoid of good bacteria, symptoms like irritability and stress rise.

How to Solve It?

It's pretty simple – you need to take a healthy diet that is rich in whole grains. Whole grains act as prebiotics, which are fermented by gut bacteria and utilized as food. Feel like adding more fiber to your meals? Try Granola for breakfast or use it as a good snack option.

2. Add More Protein

You can add healthy sources of protein to your routine to get rid of anxiety. Peanuts, for example, have P-coumaric acid, which targets the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. As a result, it helps to decrease anxiety levels in the body.

What Can You Do?

Peanut butter is fueled with proteins and healthy fats, which are great for your mental health. The vitamin E and antioxidants found in peanuts help in protecting the brain cells, which can help you stay mentally clearer.

3. Use Slow-Burning Carbs

Slow-burning carbs come with a relatively lower glycemic index which essentially means they don't produce a peak of glucose in the bloodstream, saving you from the hyperglycemia effects. What's more, you will get a moderate energy release which helps to save you from anxiety. Slow-burning complex carbs are helpful in improving serotonin levels in the body, which lower your anxiety levels.

How to Include Them?

There are different ways you can add these slow-burning carbs to your routine meals. For example, you can use oat milk as an alternative to dairy milk to boost serotonin levels and lessen anxiety. Oatmeal and oat milk make a perfect choice to add to the breakfast for those people who are prone to having anxiety.

In short, it is possible to overcome stress, depression, and anxiety in some holistic ways. You can take the help of nutrition, for example, for this matter. Not only will the micronutrients help in boosting your mental health, but the antioxidants and fiber from specific foods are especially beneficial for dealing with anxiety and stress.

To see a list of nutritious products that focuses on the ingredients that are good for you, click here.

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