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How to Make your Cafe Stand Out in the Philippines, A Guide for Cafe Owners

Updated: May 21

Cafes are in abundance in the Philippines, from your small beloved neighborhood spot to big known chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Scroll on your feed and there seems to be a new one popping up in the Metro. This is no surprise since according to the Philippine Star, Filipinos drink up to 3.78 kg of coffee a year. That’s equivalent to about 529 cups of coffee. 

Coffee Culture is very much alive and well in the Philippines. From your digital nomad, working in a cafe, to your urban yuppies grabbing a cup of coffee before work and even those just hanging out to cool themselves off in this 42C weather. 

Here’s a guide made for Cafe Owners in order to stand out in the Philippines

Advice, Guide and Tips for opening a cafe in the PH

  1. Instagram Worthy Ambience

For a cafe, ambience is essential as it attracts social media-savvy customers eager to share visually appealing experiences. Stunning, photogenic interiors can significantly boost a cafe’s online visibility and word-of-mouth marketing. By creating a share-worthy environment, cafes can tap into the powerful trend of social media influencers and user-generated content. This not only enhances brand awareness but also drives foot traffic. 

Advice, Guide and Tips for opening a cafe in the PH

2. Plant Based Dishes and Drinks 

Offering plant based dishes and milks such as Oat, Soy and Almond is crucial  for a cafe to meet the growing demand for healthier, sustainable dining options. Including vegan and lactose-free choices on the menu attracts a diverse customer base, ensuring that all patrons, regardless of dietary preferences, feel welcome. This commitment to plant-based options also aligns with eco-conscious values, resonating with environmentally aware consumers who frequent cafes.

Luckily, We Eat Organic is a registered cafe supplier for plant based milk like Minor Figures and Bonsoy. 

Advice, Guide and Tips for opening a cafe in the PH

3. Community Activities and Events

Community events is vital for a cafe as it fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens customer relationships. By offering a space for local gatherings, workshops, and performances, a cafe can attract a diverse crowd and become a community hub. These events not only enhance the cafe's visibility and reputation but also drive repeat business and customer loyalty. 

Community events can be pottery, book club, bike and run communities. 

Advice, Guide and Tips for opening a cafe in the PH

4. Social Media Presence

Everyone searches Social Media first in the Philippines to research before buying something or going to the newest cafe and restaurant. A strong social media is crucial for a cafe as it enhances brand visibility and customer engagement. By regularly sharing enticing photos, promotions, and updates, cafes can attract new patrons and keep loyal customers informed. Social media platforms also provide an avenue for customer feedback and interaction, fostering a sense of community and trust.

Advice, Guide and Tips for opening a cafe in the PH

5. Unique Food and Drinks

In a sea of Cafe Lattes and Croissants, unique food and drinks is what will make customers come to your cafe. It will help your cafe stand out in a competitive market and attract curious customers. Specialty dishes and drinks create memorable dining experiences, prompting patrons to share their meals on social media and generate organic buzz. A diverse and creative food menu not only satisfies adventurous palates but also encourages repeat visits as customers look forward to trying new and exciting offerings.

Ready to open your cafe and restaurant ventures? We Eat Organic supplies a variety of products for B2B Wholesale like Plant Milk (Oat Milk, Soy Milk and Almond Milk), Matcha Powders and Healthy Softdrinks. Send us an email through

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