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Minor Figures Oat Milk now available in Landmark Supermarkets

From a background in specialty coffee, Minor Figures developed an Oat Milk for professionals. Notably found in the top specialty coffee shops around the Philippines, we have now entered our first supermarket.

Created by UK Baristas with a passion for great coffee, Minor Figures is an Oat Milk is fit for Professional Baristas and Coffee Lovers alike. Notably found in top specialty coffee shops in the Philippines (and around the globe!), this premium Oat Milk is now making its debut supermarket launch at Landmark, now it’s easy to have the specialty cafe experience at home.


You can now find Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk and Organic Oat Milk in LANDMARK SUPERMARKETS:




Why Minor Figures is good for your coffee:

Add Minor Figures Oat M*lk to any coffee beans or brew of your choice and experience the truest characteristics of your espresso shot, while adding natural sweetness, density, balance and silky micro-foam when steamed. It highlights any roast profile and origin of coffee bean.

The goal is not to compromise the flavor of your coffee in the cup.

Minor Figures is formulated to compliment the true characteristics of your specialty coffee beans. It adds natural sweetness with no refined sugars.

Minor Figures Oat Milk is plant-based, dairy-free, lactose-free, and free from animal protein. There are no added sugars, with a natural sweet flavor coming from oats. It’s tasty, creamy and is good for you.

Why Minor Figures is great in Recipes:

Oat milk can be used as a substitute for dairy milks whenever you have a requirement for dairy in your recipe. It tastes just as good in lattes, cereals or in cooking. Oat milk can be used for savory recipes and is a great option for thickening soups and stews.

You can use it in recipes such as in pancakes, mashed potatoes, and casseroles. It is also great in smoothies or protein shakes or in baked goods.

For a list of other recipes, check the "1L hacks you can try at home, or not" article by Minor Figures.

If my go-to coffee shop trusts it, why shouldn’t I?

Minor Figures provides a plant-based alternative to cow’s milk for those who can't or don't drink dairy or just prefer the taste of oat milk This is especially helpful for those who are allergic to dairy and other dairy-alternatives due to nut allergies.

The bonus is, Minor Figures is also a sustainable company, with non-GMO and Organic certifications, and it offsets all emissions to be entirely Carbon Neutral. The brand is also B-Corp certified since 2020.

It’s better for you, better for your coffee & better for the planet.Too good to be true? It tastes good too! Visit your nearest Landmark to bring one one home today.


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