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We Celebrated Mother's Day at Asian Development Bank with Sunflowers and Healthy Treats

We were thrilled to host a special Mother's Day celebration at the Asian Development Bank commissary last May 9, 2024.  It was heartwarming to treat these wonderful moms to a day of healthy indulgence with our delicious plant-based products in support of their well-being.

Sunflowers and Smiles

We believe every mom deserves recognition on Mother's Day, and what better way to say "You're special" than with a vibrant sunflower? The smiles we saw as we handed out these beautiful blooms were priceless.

A Taste of Goodness

Our mission at We Eat Organic is to make healthy choices easy and delicious. During our event, we had the pleasure of introducing attendees to some of our favorite plant-based goodies:

  • Minor Figures Oat Milk: Creamy and flavorful, a fantastic alternative for coffee and tea lovers.

  • Bobby Guilt-Free Colas: All the satisfying cola taste without the sugar overload.

  • Bonsoy Soy Milk and Almond Milk: Rich, nutritious, and perfect for those seeking dairy-free options.

Health, Happiness, and Community

Events like this are a reminder that celebrating special occasions and promoting healthy lifestyles can go hand-in-hand. We loved the sense of community at the Asian Development Bank and were honored to be a part of this Mother's Day experience.

Want to try these amazing products yourself? Visit our website at or e-mail and explore our selection of healthy and delicious choices!

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