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Opposites Attract

When the word opposite comes to mind- does it attract you or does it annoy you?

According to psychology, the notion of having partners being your opposite bring an element of excitement. Another school of thought is having to deal with values and ideas that are so contradicting you find yourself either angry, annoyed or even disappointed.

The same ideas can be reflected in our senses. How we perceive taste can also change how we look at certain food or drinks – say for example – a cup of hot coffee or a tall glass of cold Bonsoy chocolate? Either way, we can always find the “sweetest” spot and stick to it – or are you brave enough to be adventurous and give your palate a new stimulus?

When it comes to our sweet spots – our recommended drinks would always have to bring us back to our comfort zones. A warm fuzzy feeling that gives a sense of familiarity works with our classic drinks ….

Enumerate some classic drinks..

1.) Cappuccino - our ever reliable go-to drink for all the coffee aficionados and the perfect combo for anyone in love this “cool” season. Just the right buzz – the right kick and that perfect balance of creamy mouth feel from Bonsoy Soy. MmMm…

2.) Iced Mocha – that dense and dark chocolate lingering in the milky goodness of our Bonsoy Almond is always the right choice to soothe your nutty, chocolate and caffeine cravings in one cold fix while cozying up to your partner.

3.) Matcha – who said that Matcha wasn’t a classic? The Japanese sure knew that this particular drink would woo the hearts of even the most jaded of lovers.

Now for those who are ready to venture to a new flavour, boy, you are in for a treat!

Take a sip of our:

1.) Cinnamon spiced chocolate drink - did you say naughty? Or spice?

A little spice goes a long way but this drink will definitely be your next go to whenever you see it on the menu paired with Bonsoy Almond. Cinnamon is also known to be a great antibiotic and boost your immune system – preparing you- for your all nighters!

2.) Frappes! – a yes, while it may be seen on practically every menu in the Philippines – frappes are the marriage of the perfect combination of sexy and cute – a taste that lingers on the sweet side for all our sweet toothed and sweet lovers but always has something new to offer – either the boba, the jelly sitting at the bottom or even that rush of icy Bonsoy Soy that can cool off any hot temper in our lovers.

Whether you opt to stick to your classics and enjoy the familiar or feel keen to getting outside of your own comfort… one thing is certain – you can always enjoy your drinks with our Bonsoy Soy and Bonsoy Almond to curb that craving you’ve been wanting to pacify. And just like any lover out there…the longevity and quality says it all - Afterall, we’re celebrating 40 years of pleasing your taste buds and bringing your drink experience to another whole new level! So dig in and get to taste the best in the business!

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