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Quitting Regular Soda with bobby

Is it just me or does a meal feel rather incomplete if it’s not paired with an ice cold soda! Pizza? Soda pls. Ramen? Soda pls. Burger? Well you get my point. There’s nothing more refreshing than that sweetness and fizz combined together. Soda is present in meal times, gatherings and special events - especially if you’re Filipino.

But as we all know, Soda is generally bad for you, at least the regular ones we’re familiar with. A regular can of softdrink usually has 10 tablespoons of sugar which is above the 9 tablespoons that is recommended per day. Too much and it makes us prone to chronic diseases such as Diabetes. It also has no nutrients like vitamins, minerals or fiber.

Then the question becomes, how do we quit this bad habit of drinking sodas? Something that has low calorie and low sugar. Well we don’t have to exactly let go of our soda. Since I found out about this new healthy soda alternative called bobby. It has multiple flavors such as Berry, Cola, Lemon and Orange. Flavors that we all know and love.Who said that healthy drinks can’t taste good? Even better is that it is 97% sugar free, only 40 calories and contains prebiotics for gut health.

Bobby is the next big thing in sodas as it takes the fun and flavor that we look for and makes it healthier and better for you.


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