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A little history of We Eat Organic

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It all began when Adile moved to Manila for work and was shocked to find that a range of her daily healthy food essentials and alternatives weren’t available or commonplace in Manila.

“Where can I find a good soy chai latte?!”

To solve this problem, she began bringing in small amounts of these products (most especially Bonsoy soy milk for her daily coffee fix) and also shared them with her like-minded friends. The positive feedback led her to realize that there was a gap in the market where these products could flourish and positively impact people’s lives.

In May 2018, the original company, Aussentials – Aussie Essentials was born, starting on Instagram using Social Media marketing strategies to market Bonsoy soy milk to specialty

cafés and health-focused consumers.

The company has taken another face since then, officially being called Good Vibe Tribe (Food Trading), a boutique supply & distribution company aiming to bring Good Vibes to the Philippines through our quality, curated products that cater to growing health, well-being, and artisan markets. As a B2B company, GVT started targeting cafés and restaurants and is also growing into the retail space targeting health food stores, fitness centers and premium supermarkets.

While working full time, Adile did not have the capacity to focus fully on the business.

While out on a hike with common friends, Adile met Natalie, who was a Sales & Marketing Consultant for startup companies. Conversations started but due to busy schedules, meetups were postponed for months.

Finally in March 2020, just as the pandemic started crawling into the Philippines, Adile asked Natalie to meet up as she planned to move back to Australia. Adile pitched the idea and after some R&D, Natalie decided to come onboard.

By April 2020, We Eat Organic was born.

Since then, the company has grown to service cafés, restaurants, and retail space to different regions around the Philippines.

The vision of We Eat Organic is to create a moment of happiness without the guilt from the products we offer. We aim to become the industry leader in supplying a range of healthy, specialty foods in the Philippines. When people think

“quality, good taste and healthy”, they think of We Eat Organic.


After officially being 1 year old, We Eat Organic Inc. has grown to a small team of 6, focusing on distributing plant-based milks such as Bonsoy and Minor Figures, and other award-winning healthy favorites such as Fix & Fogg peanut butters and Blue Frog granola.

Adile has moved back to Australia to manage suppliers, while Natalie remains in Manila to nurture client partnerships and manage logistics.

One day when things go back to normal, or "new-normal", we hope to travel more to different places to find good tasting healthy products that can be enjoyed by every Filipino.. and also maybe travel again, to enjoy nature.

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