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Celebrate International Tea Day with "What's the TEA?"

Today is International Tea Day, the perfect opportunity to celebrate the world’s favorite beverage. 

And to make this day even more special, we're excited to announce the launch of What's the Tea?, our new brand of premium matcha for cafes and restaurants.

All the way from Japan

Our matcha is sourced from the finest tea gardens in Japan, where it is grown and processed with care to preserve its delicate flavor and vibrant green color. We use only the highest quality leaves to create a matcha that is smooth, creamy, and packed with antioxidants.

Perfect for cafes and restaurants

Our matcha is perfect for cafes that want to offer their customers a delicious and authentic matcha experience. It can be used to make a variety of drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, and even ice cream.

Order your matcha today

We're so excited to share our matcha with the world. Order your matcha today and experience the difference that premium matcha can make.

We are selling 1kg variants, perfect for cafes and restaurants, and 100g for retail and e-commerce.

For Philippines based businesses, contact us through this link or email us to to order.

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